Oye Review: Lacks soul

His first love called him” – OMG! We got to find out why she called.

Gal is Beautiful, Dutiful, Fundamental, Capable, Careful, Sentimental, blah blah. You cannot find the stars that shine in the movies in the cities. But I found one on the outskirts of the city of Vizag”-First stanza of the haunting title song of the movie goes something like this.

Sparks like these two from the movie Oye make you believe that you will watch a movie that is going to be splendid from the word go. As usually like any recent Telugu movie, it disappoints you. Your disappointment will be less if you did not watch Sweet November and Walk to Remember. This movie too suffers from the same thing that almost every Indian movie suffers from, soul, with everything else borrowed or inspired from Hollywood or lesser known sources.

As per the golden rule of Indian movies, Sidharth (he is god damn handsome) sees Shamili when she asks him for tissue papers (is this the concept behind the tagline of the movie) and falls in love with her when he, getting birthday bumps, sees her minutes later writing a diary during the new year eve party in a night club in Vizag. Such a boring girl whom Sidharth finds interesting, you know love is blind. Still following the golden rule of Indian movies he succeeds in making her fall in love with him. Here at this point the creative senses of the director goes blank and he digs into the extensive collection of Hollywood love stories and picks up the movies I mentioned above and Erich Seagal’s Love Story, mixes them up with mandatory comedy and songs and the second half is ready.

Forgetting the heart-burn plot and story causes, let’s move ahead. Music by Yuvan Sankar Raja is absolutely rocking. Do not forget to follow the outstanding lyrics for the songs “Love at first sight” and “Saradaga”. Background score is also good. Sidharth worked with Yuvan Sankar Raja as music producer for the movie and whatever they did, it worked out superbly. Photography is first rate. Something named digital color grading is done and couple of visuals look splendid on the screen.

Sidharth oozes life into the movie and he is very handsome (did I already say that). Something is wrong with the makeup given to Shamili. If its not makeup, she has to do something or else she has very little chance of succeeding as a lead actress. What else? Not finding much to say. That’s it.


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