Rehman's unfulfilled dream

Legendary Lyricist Veturi wrote a series on his experiences in the film industry in the magazine Haasam (this magazine published by a subsidiary of Shantha Biotech is now not in production) which was later published as book “Komma Komma ko Sannayi”. This book has a lot of interesting incidents that has happened in his life. One that really interested me is about A R Rehman. A young energetic boy used to meet Veturi in Vijaya Gardens in Chennai and grill him about his work. He told him that he is working for music director Koti. He is already freelancing some jingles for commercials and television programmes and he is confident of providing music for movies in near future. Veturi is very confident that this boy would achieve his wish very soon. And A R Rehman’s cherished dream as informed to him is to provide music to a movie directed by K Viswanath and he used to request Veturi to recommend him to the legendary director. However K Viswanath stopped directing movies when Rehman came into the limelight and Veturi never informed Viswanath about it. And A R Rehman’s dream was never fulfilled.

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