Those guys with country-road bags and sun-glasses

We all know how much of a public nuisance these guys have become. Initially, it was just one desi guy spotted in the city rail on the western line. Slowly their numbers have increased from single digits to a lot more. We have been praying to god that someone will bring them to justice. Finally, yes and finally, our prayers have been answered. Yes, I am talking about the same people whom you were thinking about. The desis carrying those Country Road branded bags and wearing those sun glasses and travelling on city rail. Because of whose overkill of using them, something that used to be a sign of coolness, has become an irritation.

News is coming in that city rail introduced special squads to patrol the trains for them. Any one carrying country-road bags and wearing sun glasses and travelling on city rail will be fined as a first offence. Repeat offenders will be fined heavily and under certain circumstances, their bags and glasses can be confiscated.

I whole heartedly welcome this move by cityrail. I hope these steps reduce the overkill and make the travel on cityrail a breeze once again. This also helps cityrail to clear the flak it has been receiving due to the frequent delays.


Udaya vs Woolworths

People living in western sydney needs no introduction of Udaya indian supermarket. This supermarket has grown out of bounds to restrict itself to just a part of sydney. It wants to go national like woolworths.I have a suggestion for the tagline something in the lines of woolworths.

Woolworths : Thanks for shopping with Australia's fresh food people.

Udaya : Thanks for shopping with Australia's expired food kept on discount but won't refund your money when you find it out people.

Hope you liked it. My suggestion gives the would be customers of new branches an idea of what to expect ;)

Hamara Camry

As a token of gratitude, to the loyalty shown to its brand by the Indian community in Sydney, Toyota has done something which can be described as a master stroke of brand recognition. 

Henceforth proof of ownership of toyota vehicle and proof of living in western sydney can be used as an identity document instead of Indian passport. If the car is a Camry manufactured before 2000, the address proof is also not required. Toyota has already completed all the required formalities to this effect with the Australian Government.

Please pass this information to your friends.